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Bklyn Digital Partners is an advisory company, created to help early-stage consumer internet/mobile companies think about how they build a business, shape monetization strategies and build leadership teams.


We also work with established companies, partnering with them to address the challenge of transforming themselves into an organization driven by digital.


Our focus is developing and executing solution-focused strategies to accelerate growth and success in complex markets


Drawing on a background with companies that include Google, YouTube, Adobe, CNN digital, CNN International & Viacom, as well as extensive experience with international markets, we are uniquely positioned to provide expertise and drive business results.


Go-To-Market Strategy

Working with start-up companies as well as new product launches, we partner with clients to provide business vision and intelligence for building the business and taking it to market.



Providing strategies and actionable next steps to clients to drive growth & success on a global level. The future is global, but you need to be able to anticipate - and solve - challenges that will inevitably take place at the local level.


Advising clients on the strategy, development and execution of partnerships, both domestic and global.


& Sales Strategy

Addressing monetization at every level - industry & client analysis;  relationship management & development; translating data into meaningful & actionable information; and sales strategy & execution across all platforms.

Marketing & Content

Creation Strategy

Developing strategies and workflows for clients that allow them to work in a unified way with content, channels and audiences.

Digital Transformation

Working with companies that are facing the challenge of how to best transform themselves into an  organization driven by digital. We partner with them to find new ways of achieving their goals and requirements as the organization moves towards a digitally-driven future.


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Bklyn DIgital Partners was founded by Clare O’Brien, a senior leader with tech, media and marketing experience in both large, established companies and innovative start-ups. Companies she has worked with include Google, YouTube, Adobe, Viacom, CNN DIgital, CNN International and Penguin Books. She has worked on the launch of numerous products and platforms. Clare’s career has focused on working as a change agent - and that is her passion. Clare and the team have a deep & diverse knowledge across a number of industries and verticals. This background helps the Bklyn Digital team work with clients to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

They are experienced in leveraging data to inform decision-making, and accomplished in working seamlessly between the business and technology worlds. Clare is a skilled “translator” and evangelist, able to promote understanding and make complicated concepts clear and programs easy to buy and sell. In her own career, she has had a very successful record of driving revenue and sales.

Bklyn Digital provides business vision and intelligence, recognizes implications, and creates solution-focused strategies that drive growth and success in complex markets.

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